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Hellbent city background animation

Welcome to another Update Tuesday! It’s Saturday you say? Hahaha, nonsense.

It’s been a couple of weeks I haven’t updated anything but I made a big change! Now the background is in the shittiest 3D even conceivable. As realistic as a hippie checking references. So unappealing that it will make your testes retract into your skull. Et cetera, et cetera.

Here’s a gif but you can see it better in it’s own online version of the sneak peek background



It will spin around as your helicopters move around and now you have a timelimit until all players fall to the water together and die (tie). I intend to implement a sudden death underwater but it’s not yet done. But in the meantime, as many people pointed out, before it didn’t feel like you were falling or sky diving. Now some particles go up and the background shifts to simulate that.

It took me forever to figure out that the 3×2 Matrix for image transformation can only make affine transformations (i.e. can rotate, skew, scale but not warp for, e.g., making perspective trapezoids). So I ended up using Flash’s native 3D transformations and that’s that.


Cryo-Skulls of Flappy Temple

Welcome to a brand new “#Update,FuckTuesday”.

I’ve been working on a small side project called Cryo-Skulls of Flappy Temple for the Flappy Jam. The GFX are being made by the great artist @delfeipls.

It’ll be out in any second (deadline is in 3 days), but I still have to improve the AI and tweak some parameters before is showable. Nevertheless, here’s a screenshot:

CryoSkulls of Flappy Temple screenshot (beta 2)

It’s been also my first test exporting AIR to an Android device. First I failed (old device) but later succeeded on a newer one. I found the hard way ARMv6 cpus are not supported by AIR. It’s a shame ‘cos a lot of people like myself use low-end cellphones.

Thanks for reading!

Background scene editor (now in 3D!)

Here’s another update tuesday and I’m porting everything to Unity!
Nah, just kidding. I’m using it as a 3D editor for the background scenes.

The Editor

It was about time I made a more proper editor that wasn’t ad-hoc and duct-taped.

It’s been a slow week, felt sick and tired most of the time and didn’t do much besides this simple but useful background scene editor, which was easy specially using Unity as an editor because of this tutorial and some other random internet snippets.
I didn’t imagine Unity would lack a Big Endian binary file stream, though (I have to swap bytes myself? really?)

helibrawl unity scene editor


Thanks to some algebra help from my friend @zurashu I tweaked the game’s background “rendering” capabilities, but I couldn’t test it because now it needs more info and the much needed 3D editor is almost done but not solid yet.


Besides that I tweaked the fly-diving physics in-game to test it for more responsiveness and fixed the angle the bodies took for some aiming directions.

Parachutes for power-ups


A new update tuesday! I made cute parachutes for powerups: If the parachute is shot the powerup falls faster, if the power-up itself is shot the trajectory is changed (to piss off other players):

Power up and parachutes shooting


Cleaned up the code, some conditions taken care off (dead pilots, etc.).


Some squares pop up from the little characters towards the bigger melee to help undestand what’s going on.


Removed some redundant operations when rendering and made some general AS3 optimizations.

Also made an IndieDB entry for the game (took me forever for some reason). Might be under

Blood splatter and some upkeep

Working to make some blood particles react to the heli for a bit more gore dynamism: Blood splatter from rotors and ricochet from everywhere else. FYI I’m not comfortable with the results yet, have to work it some more.

hm_splatter2 hm_splatter

This is a tuesday update of many more to come! Barely made it thou (11:37 pm here.)
Why tuesday? because fuck it, I don’t even know in which weekday I’m living most of the time.

So… I also made a big rework on the Heli class, removed some temp code, cleared some to-dos, sped up heli-regeneration via wrench power-up (before it just reloaded everything, even gfx!)

Also had to rework the scoring system a bit. Like, if you get beheaded by a rotor is one thing, but if the pilot was already dead on the out of control heli, well…

apply cold water

Also head-shooting someone because of rigor mortis (involuntary last shot) that is inside a cockpit while spinning out of control: MEGA POINTS

To do to do to do to do to do to do to do to do to do …

Thanks for reading!

Douchy press

They ripped the video out of YouTube and didn’t link back but hey, publicity, all is chill :) http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/helicopters-become-weaponized-in-heli-brawl/2300-8382/

Press article on IndieGames

This got out today http://indiegames.com/2014/01/helibrawl.html

Thanks Anthony!

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