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Nurturing future generations for “dealing with it”


The photo was taken at Tecnópolis, which is a big technological park/fair in Buenos Aires, Argentia.

HeliBrawl is running there since around mid July, for winter vacations so children can play (here’s winter now, y’all). Although I don’t know about the educational value of this game but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Special thanks to the staff which is keeping the computers working at all times!

When frenchmen hate your game, you know you’re doing something right!

It has come to my attention, by stalking analytics, this french press article with the google translated title:

Heli Brawl is very ugly, but maybe it is fun

Hahahah! Thanks Kocobe for the article! I find it hilarious; and yes, the aesthetics are on purpose :)
You can read the translated article and some candid comments at this link.



Press article at Rock Paper Shotgun

You can read it right here:


Thanks, Graham!

Press article on IndieGames

This got out today http://indiegames.com/2014/01/helibrawl.html

Thanks Anthony!