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Cryo-Skulls of Flappy Temple

Welcome to a brand new “#Update,FuckTuesday”.

I’ve been working on a small side project called Cryo-Skulls of Flappy Temple for the Flappy Jam. The GFX are being made by the great artist @delfeipls.

It’ll be out in any second (deadline is in 3 days), but I still have to improve the AI and tweak some parameters before is showable. Nevertheless, here’s a screenshot:

CryoSkulls of Flappy Temple screenshot (beta 2)

It’s been also my first test exporting AIR to an Android device. First I failed (old device) but later succeeded on a newer one. I found the hard way ARMv6 cpus are not supported by AIR. It’s a shame ‘cos a lot of people like myself use low-end cellphones.

Thanks for reading!

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