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Blood splatter and some upkeep

Working to make some blood particles react to the heli for a bit more gore dynamism: Blood splatter from rotors and ricochet from everywhere else. FYI I’m not comfortable with the results yet, have to work it some more.

hm_splatter2 hm_splatter

This is a tuesday update of many more to come! Barely made it thou (11:37 pm here.)
Why tuesday? because fuck it, I don’t even know in which weekday I’m living most of the time.

So… I also made a big rework on the Heli class, removed some temp code, cleared some to-dos, sped up heli-regeneration via wrench power-up (before it just reloaded everything, even gfx!)

Also had to rework the scoring system a bit. Like, if you get beheaded by a rotor is one thing, but if the pilot was already dead on the out of control heli, well…

apply cold water

Also head-shooting someone because of rigor mortis (involuntary last shot) that is inside a cockpit while spinning out of control: MEGA POINTS

To do to do to do to do to do to do to do to do to do …

Thanks for reading!

Douchy press

They ripped the video out of YouTube and didn’t link back but hey, publicity, all is chill :) http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/helicopters-become-weaponized-in-heli-brawl/2300-8382/

Press article on IndieGames

This got out today http://indiegames.com/2014/01/helibrawl.html

Thanks Anthony!

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