The helicopter vendetta DevLog

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Long time… been refactoring

I’ve changed a lot of things lately, fighting with the code to have a stable build to start testing it more thoroughly. I completely forgot to update, guys.

  • Fully changed the zoomed-in melee inverse kinematics system to be more predictable and fun.
  • Total rewrite of drawing code to better support transformation trees, and also allows for a better integration with Box2D, avoiding redundant translations. This refactoring took forever, but it’s super useful.
  • Enhanced the particle system to interact with the environment and also take into account the camera speed which translates in a more realistic falling sensation.

I’ll leave you with some “bug art” for now, from the transition.


Douchy press

They ripped the video out of YouTube and didn’t link back but hey, publicity, all is chill :) http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/helicopters-become-weaponized-in-heli-brawl/2300-8382/

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